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Ironwood Dental Centre, General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver, British Columbia

We all know the impact a beautiful smile can have – not only is it a sign of great health, a beautiful smile can have a profound influence on your self-esteem and confidence. We believe that everybody has a beautiful smile in them. However, some dental flaws may mask that beauty. But understand this - those dental flaws can be easily treated so you can set free your beautiful smile and allow to match your magnetic personality!

Dr. Sheena Sood, your dentist at Ironwood Dental Centre for Cosmetic and General Dentistry Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. Sheena Sood DMD

Dental flaws that may mask your smile’s true beauty may include teeth that are:

  • Crooked or uneven
  • Stained or discolored
  • Not aligned property
  • Cracked or chipped
  • Missing
  • Have too much or too little gums

Vancouver Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sheena Sood and her talented team are the people to see for any general and cosmetic dentistry issues. Her dental practice, Ironwood Dental Center, is the one of the premier dental practices in the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area. Dr. Sood offers a wide range of dental services that can restore your teeth’s functionality and aesthetic, achieving a harmonious balance that you will be pleased with.

We care about you as a patient and a person here at Ironwood Dental Center. Dr. Sood, and her team’s personal philosophy are geared towards giving you high-quality dental care in a safe and soothing environment surrounded by skilled and friendly professionals. That is why many of Dr. Sood’s patients are long-time clients who are now good friends. It is always our pleasure to assist you in all your dental needs.

Create that “smile of your dreams” in relatively little time under the supervision of Dr. Sood or any of the other skilled, certified dental team. You can count on professional, reliable, and friendly service at Ironwood Dental Center.

If you have any questions about Dr. Sood, her facilities, and the dental services she offers, simply fill out the contact form below. Dr. Sood will be happy to respond to your question. Better yet, come and see the practice for yourself by scheduling a complimentary consultation appointment at Ironwood Dental Center.


Smile Makeovers

More info on Zoom teeth Whitening.

Your cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, Sheena Sood can give you the Whiter Teeth in 1 Hour!






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